James II

James II



The open source modeling and simulation framework JAMES II.

Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug JAMESII-144 Due Date: 04/Jun/12 Adapt JDBC data storage to new methods / config id support
  • Bug JAMESII-333 DeadLock in ObserverPlotterIncremental (potentially in other chart usages as well)
  • Improvement JAMESII-120 Replications in parallel from the beginning on

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  • Bug JAMESII-488 06/Nov/14 MLRules Editor in JamesGUI selects old syntax by default without switch option
  • Bug JAMESII-484 07/Oct/14 ML-Rules Line Chart is not working correctly
  • Bug JAMESII-286 29/Sep/14 Preferences mananges on GUI Preference Pages are not loaded until first display of preferences page

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